Our Cover Area

Akorede Aleph, as a holding company, has a broad coverage area that spans various web-related fields. It is the parent company of Knfrmd Web Corp and Ilare Press, each with its unique focus.

Online Education



Data & Analytics

Other Web Services

Welcome to Akorede Aleph

Akorede Aleph is a holding company with a diverse portfolio in web-related fields. Our subsidiaries, Knfrmd Web Corp and Ilare Press, specialize in online education, eCommerce, marketing, data analytics, and other web services. Our team of professional consultants works closely with clients to improve their performance, solve specific problems, and achieve their objectives.

Our Approach at Akorede Aleph

Strategic Investment and Management

01 :

Investment Philosophy

  • Identifying & investing in promising online education, eCommerce, and web service ventures.
  • Long-term growth & value creation strategies.
02 :

Portfolio Management

  • Oversight & strategic guidance for our subsidiaries.
  • Leveraging synergies across our diverse investments.
03 :

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Building strong relationships with our subsidiaries, ensuring alignment with our overarching vision.
  • Regular communication and updates on investment performance and strategies.
04 :

Growth and Innovation

  • Encouraging innovation and growth within our portfolio companies.
  • Supporting our companies in scaling their operations and exploring new opportunities.